Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beanies on a Knitting Loom

Final post for today! I discovered a great new knitting tool - a knitting loom. I only have one gauge size at the moment, but have done a couple of quick beanies with it. Here's some pics, including close ups to show the stitches.

Kitchen Curtains

Have recently moved house, and want to gradually replace all the horrible blinds in the house with curtains. I decided that in the kitchen I could get away with something bright, so have used the sun paints to create something. You'll be getting sick of seeing things done with those paints!
The curtains are a pair (actually, I did four - two of each, so that two could face out and two in, but I'm only putting up pics of one pair).

I took the photo with them lying on an orangey coloured rug. Along the top is a row of button holes if you're wondering what the little row of lines is.

Dragon T-Shirt

I made this t-shirt for my nephew years ago, and it has just now come back as a hand-me-down for my boy. The t-shirt is sewn from cheap purple jersey, and now I wish I'd used something better quality, as the picture still looks reasonably new, even having been through a couple of kids.

The picture has been painted on calico using fabric paint, then appliqued on. There are googly eyes on the dragon.

Cloud reward chart

This chart is out of felt. The bee and butterfly are slightly stuffed to make them 3 dimensional, and they have velcro hook on the back. When the kids are good they go up a cloud. When they're naughty they go down a cloud. When they reach the sun, they get to chose a treat from my "treasure box" (that contains little trinkets, like pens, stickers, kids' jewellary, toy cars, etc - under $2 each). Seems to work well.

Jeans and Pink Beady Top

This outfit is the same patterns as my daughter's red pants and stripey bead top, pictured earlier - from an Ottobre pattern. This time, the jeans are made from embroidered denim (bought with the embroidery at the bottom, so I used a sort of fancy stitch for the top stitching to "match"). The top is from pink cotton brodiere anglaise (spelling?) with white ribbons and clear beads. I also made a stripey pink long sleeve t-shirt that looks quite nice underneath the pink blouse for the cooler weather.

And now, the bad news. This outfit has been worn a lot over winter, especially the jeans. They're a favourite. But the other day, they got a really bad rip during some wild play. I've sewn them up, and the rip is in the inside leg, but it can still be easily seen. Still ... hoping they'll still be worn. She's pretty fussy!

Bright Boys' Clothes

Well, its been ages since I've posted pics of anything. I made these for my boy ages ago at the beginning of winter, when people were complaining that boys' clothes were all such dark or boring colours. He wears them heaps.

The painty top is hemp/cotton fabric that he painted himself (the sun effect paints) and then I sewed up. The other top is from fabric that I bought at a US online fabric store and is great quality.

The pants are very simple style in chenille. They are from old beadspreads. Learnt from experience that its best to put on a hanky pocket or two, so they're done in patches (partly for look, and partly because of the bulkiness of the fabric) - from a different chenille beadspread.